Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Brain

    Brain is the very important part of the central nervous system. In the simple way, we can say our brain is a super computer which consist of a processor, motherboard, hard disk etc. as a hardware and own software to operates the whole body.

    In a computer, several peripheral are connected to the system unit. They are sending and receiving the signal from the system unit.

    Similarly in our brain also receives signal from sensory neurons in the central and peripheral nerves system and by own software program it generates and sends new signal to instruct a particular function of our body part to react in a particular way.

    The human brain are three time bigger then the size of the gorilla.And also one third time bigger than Neanderthal man.

    The objects which is starting from the top of the spinal code is called brain. Our brain is cover by a strong and bony protective part is called cranium or cranial cavity. Cranium or cranial cavity is "surrounds the brain like a permanent, exclusively designed bike helmet"*  to protect our brain for accident.

    We can divided our brain  into 3 different parts such as
    1. Cerebellum
    2. The brain stem
    3. Cerebrum

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