Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cerebrum of the brain

Cerebrum is the core, biggest and uppermost part of the brain. " If you could see the human brain beneath its bony cranial protection, you would see a convoluted, wrinkled, ropy looking, pinkish-gray mass that looks something like a large, mushy walnut. This is the cerebrum"*

"It is involved with sensory  integration, control of the voluntary movement and higher intellectual function such as speech and obstract thought."***

The cerebrum is divided into equal two part "by a deep, longitudinal groove"** or longitudinal sulcus. These two half of the cerebrum is called left hemisphere and right hemisphere.

Left hemisphere and right hemisphere of the cerebrum from outside view look like mirror images of each other but they working differently.

In our brain, the right hemisphere is control left side of the body and also for "creative, artistic, visual, intuition, ideas, imaginations, holistic, tune of a song, see 'big picture', spatial and multiprocessing."#

In our brain, the left hemisphere is control right side of the body and also for "mathematics, verbal, logical, facts, deduction, analysis, practical, order, word of a song, linear and see fine details."#

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