Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Corpus Callosum

We know that inner core of the cerebral cortex is consist of myelinated commissural nerve fibres. These fibres are connected the two hemisphere of cerebrum is called corpus callosum. These fibres are help to communicate and exchange of information of both hemisphere of the cerebrum in our brain.

Imagine in our house a two high speed computer are present. For network we use interface cable. This interface cable is called corpus callosum and two high speed are two hemispheres of the cerebrum.

The corpus callosum is consist of white matter and around 200 million of nerve fibres are connected between two hemispheres.

Roger Gorski a neurologist found that woman's brain has thicker corpus callosum as compared to the man's brain.. It is nearly 30% more thicker as compared to the man's corpus callosum.

Research say that due to the female hormone oestrogen women have Thicker corpus callosum as compared to the man. So women are more fluent in speech, ability to do multiple unrelated task, fast and accurate judgment about people and judgment etc.

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