Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cerebrum cortex of our brain

The outer layer of the cerebrum (means both left hemisphere and right hemisphere) of our brain is called cerebrum cortex. The colour of the cerebrum cortex is gray. It consist of neurons, blood vessels and glial cells.

We can divided the cerebrum  cortex into two parts 1) outer layer 2) inner layer. The outer layer of the cerebrum cortex is gray in colour and consist of gray matter. Inner layer of the cerebrum cortex is white and consist of white matter.

In the white matter of the cerebrum cortex is consist of a special types of nerve fiber called myelinated commissural nerve fibres.

What is nerve fibre?

"Nerve fibres or axons, are long, thin strands of tissue that project from a nerve cell and carry electrical impulses to and from the brain"*.

We can divided these myelinated commissural nerve fibres into two types
  1. Corupus callosum which is connected our two hemispheres of the cerebrum.
  2. Association fibres which is connected different region of each hemisphere of the cerebrum.
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