Saturday, December 18, 2010

Feminine Character

Can you explain what is feminine character?

Feminine character means "love, communication, beauty and relationship"*.


Because " They spending a lot of time supporting, helping and nurturing"* each other. It means feminine character " is defined through their feeling and the quality of their relationship."*

Women like " living together in harmony, community and loving cooperation"*. They think "relationship is more important then work and technology"*. Communication is most important part of their life. "To share their personal feeling is much more important then achieving goals and success. Talking and relating to each other is the only source to feel good about herself."*

Women are inborn psychologist and very good counselor. So they are " involved in personal growth, spirituality and everything that can nurture life, healing and growth."**

They always "pride themselves in being considerate of the need and feeling of others"**. For women point of view " a sign of great love is to offer help and assistance to another"** without being asked." When women "care about someone, they freely point out what can be improved and suggest how to do it"**. It means in feminine characteristics " offering advice and constructive criticism is an act of love"** to show each other.

Her brain is programmed for ' How -do-I-Improve ther realtionship' .

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