Sunday, December 19, 2010

How We Got This types of Brain

I understand what is masculine characters and what is feminine characters. But i want to know how we got this types of brain.

"Our brain might have developed the way "$ what our forefather "had defined roles to ensure their survival "$


The way started when our forefather had lived in caves. In that time our male ancestors go out "each day into a hostile and dangerous world to risk his life as a hunter to bring food back to his woman and their children, and he would defend them against savage animals or enemies."* So our male ancestors slowly "developed long distance navigational skills. So he could locate food and bring it home"*. He also developed "excellent marksmanship skills so that he could hit a moving target"*. Our male ancestors job description is very clear: "he was a lunch-chaser and that's all anyone excepted to himself"*

At that time "our female ancestors gathered food near the home and cared for the children."$ So they gradually "formed strong emotional attachments to their children and other women, on whom they depend when the men were hunting"$. They played role as the child-bearer so she gradually developed "to be able to monitor her immediate surrounding for signs of danger, have excellent short-range navigational skills, using landmarks to find her way, and have highly tuned ability to sense small changes in the behaviour and appearance of children and adult."*

Modern science says the women gradually developed heir brain to a talker.


Because " by letting other know about her problem, she would make it easier to get their support. Unless she talked others simply would not know what she needed"$.

At that time men gradually developed their brain to a silencer.


Because man has played the role as a lunch-chaser & hunter and "the hunt will conducted with a series of non-verbal signals and often the hunters would sit for hours silently watching for the prey."**

When he faced fear, he couldn't showing other. Because when he was sharing his fear to other, other men thoughts  he was a weak, unable to lunch-chaser and also was a coward. So when he was danger, he needs to stay quiet much of time and solve his problem in his own way.

"Our brain developed with gender difference to ensure our survival. These adaptions have been taken thousand years to occurs. It is unrealistic to except our brain to change suddenly to adopt to the vast changes in our gender roles in the last fifty years. These changes are at the core of stress"$ and that is the main reason to break the relationship and families. " If we are thrive and not just survive, we need to update our relationship skill in a way that reflect our natural ability, tendencies and needs."$$

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