Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why men and women get this types of vision difference

In my mind a question is raised how women developed wider peripheral vision and men developed long distance tunnel vision?

In the past women has a played a role as home improvement committee or nest defender, so she " needed eyes to allow a wider arc of vision so that she could monitor any predators sneaking up on the nest"*. So she developed wider peripheral vision.

In the past man have played role as a lunch chaser and a hunter, so he "needed vision that allow him to zero in on, and pursue, targets in the distance. He evolved with almost blinked vision so that he would not be distracted from targets."* So he developed long distance tunnel vision.

This is the reason "why modern men can find their way effortlessly to a distance pub, but can never find things in fridges, cupboards and drawers."*

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