Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why Women are wider peripheral vision and men havr long distance tunnel vision

Not only women have more white fibrous coat and more variety of cone-shaped cells in the retina, but also they have wider peripheral vision as compared to the men vision.

Science says that women are wider peripheral vision and men are long distance tunnel vision.

Can you explain what is women's wide peripheral vision and men's long distance tunnel vision?

Science says that woman brain is programmed for wider peripheral vision. It means she can "receive an arc of at least 45 degree clear vision to each side of her head and above and below her nose. Many women's peripheral vision is up to almost 180 degree."*

And science says that men brain is programmed for long distance tunnel vision. It means he can "see clearly and accurately directly in front of him and over greater distance. almost like a pair of binoculars".* And also science says that the eyes of the men are larger as compared to the eyes of the women.

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