Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why govt. says men and women are equal

Men and women are different, i understand.

But in my mind a question is raised, if men and women are different, then why government advertise 'boys and girls are equal'. This is opposite to each other.

In your mind, you see the difference, but in my mind i can't see the difference.

You don't understand my question. I explain briefly, if science says that men and women are different, then why government says men and women are equal and vice versa.

In my mind what science says that is correct and what government says that is also correct. But you don't understand what science says and what government says. I explain you "men and women should be equal in term of opportunities to exercise their full potential, but they are definitely and identical in their inmate abilities. Whether, men and women are equal is a political or moral question, but whether they are identical is a scientific one"*

I tell you what is the meaning of government says. Government say that "Men and women should have equal  opportunity to pursue a career path in any field they choose and that equally qualified people should receive equal compensation for the same effort"**

Actually in this case, you don't understand, what is the difference between equality and difference. "Difference is not the opposite of equality. Equality means being free to choose to do the things we want to do and difference means that as men and women we may not want to do the some thing"***

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