Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Women are thin skin and men are thick skin

Science says that skin of the women is thinner as compared to the skin of the men. "And has a extra fat layer below it for more warmth in winter and provide greater endurance."* This is the reason women have more wrinkles as compared to the men.

Question is raised why men skin is thick skinned and women skin is thin skin?

In the past, man has played the role as a hunter. So he "needed desensitised skin to run through prickly bushes, wrestle animals and fight enemies without pain showing them down."* This is the reason when modern "men is focused on a physical task or sporting activity, he unlikely even to be aware of injury"*

But in the past women played the role as a child-bearer. so she needed a thin skinned to create better relationship between her children.

Science says that "most of boys sensitivity to touch is lost by the time he reach puberty and his body prepares itself for the rigours of the hunt. A boy doesn't really lose skin sensitivity at puberty, it just goes to one area"* of his body that is his sexual organs

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