Saturday, December 25, 2010

Vision Difference Between Men and Women

Modern science says that men and women vision is also different.


In our eyes, the eyeball is covered by a thin layer is called Fibrous Coat. The colour of fibrous coat is white. It allows in the eyes for the movement of the eye balls. And also help "the direction of the gaze which are vital to human face-to-face communication"*. The fibrous coat of the women eye display more white as compared to the fibrous coat of the men eyes.


"Because close-range personal communication is an integral part of female bonding and more white allows a greater range of eye signal to be sent and received in the directional that the eyes moves"*.
Science says that women can describe more colour details as compared to the men.


We know in our eyes the retina contains from 110,000,000 to 125,000,000 rod - shaped cells is called photoreceptors. The rod-shaped cells (photoreceptors) handle black and white. And also our retina contains from 63,000,000 to 68,000,000 cone-shaped cells. The cone - shaped cells handle colour.

Science says that in our body X chromosomes provide these cone-shaped colour cells. We know that women have two X chromosomes and men have one X chromosomes. It means women have two X chromosomes, so they have more variety of cone shaped cell as compared to the men. This is the reason "a man will use basic colour description like red, blue and green, but women will talk of bone, aqua, teal, mauve and apple green."*

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