Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why Women Read between the lines or men can't

Allan and Babara Pease wrote very simple language, so i just copy what they wrote in their book. "Women have superior sensitivity in differentiating tone changes in voice volume and pitch. This enables them to hear emotional changes in children and adults. Consequently, for every man who can sing in tune, there are eight women who can do it, This is the ability goes a long way to explaining the women's phrase, 'Don't use that tone of voice with me!' "*

Why women has ability to read the lines and men can't?

Because in the past she played the role as a home-improvement committee, she needed a brain software for read between the line of adult, children and other women for creating better relationship. But in the past man played the role as a lunch-chaser and a hunter, so he didn't need for this work.

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