Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sensitivity Difference Between Men and Women

Science Says that sensitive power of women's skin is more as compared to the men's skin. "From birth, girls are dramatically more sensitive to touch and, as an adult a women's skin is at least ten times more sensitive to touch and pressure"* as compared to man's skin.

Can you describe in details?

We know that, in our skin which  is around two square meters contains 2,800,000 receptors for pain, 2,000,000 receptors for cold and 500,000 receptors for touch and pressure.

The hormones is called oxytocin "stimulates the urge to be touched and fires up our touch receptors"*. So due to oxytocin hormones the touch and pressure receptors of women is ten time more sensitive as compared to the touch and pressure receptors of men. And also for women "attach so much importance to cuddling their men, children and friends"*.

One thing you remember "women love 'staying in touch' and dislike those who 'get under your skin'. They talk about 'feeling', giving someone 'the personal touch', being 'touchy' and annoying people by 'rubbing them up the wrong way?"*

Science says that "under pressure men avoid touch and retreat into their own world."* But under pressure, women love touch "not for the sex, but for the intimacy of touch."**

"Other research found that women who were neurotic or depressed recovered much more quickly according to the number of time they are hugged and the duration of the hug."***

When a women says to a man 'don't touch me'. It means she is either emotionally cut off to the man or may be angry a man. So my friends to win her heart you must "use lot of appropriate touching but avoid grouping"**.

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