Friday, December 17, 2010

Masculine Characters

Men and women are different, i understand. Can you explain, what is masculine character and what is feminine character?

Masculine characters means "power, competency, efficiency and achievement".* Men "are always doing things to prove themselves and develop their power and skills".*  It means masculine character "is defined through  their ability to achieve results".*

They like "outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and racing cars"* rather than "romantic novels and self help books"* . They are "interested in 'objects' and 'things' "* such as "powerful cars, faster computers, gadgets, gizmos and new more powerful technology"* rather than "people and feelings"*.

Question is raised why "men are interested in objects and things?"*

Because these things "can help them express power by creating results and achieving their goals."*

Question is raised again why "achieving goal is very important"* for men?

Because "it is a way for him to prove his competence"* and "feel good about himself."* When he is " achieving these goals by himself not by someone else then he feel good about himself "*.

Men always wants "handle his problem on his own ways"**. So he "rarely talk about his problem"**.

Question is raised why men couldn't talk their problem?

Because he thoughts why i " involve someone else when i can do it by myself?"** So"he keep his problem to himself"**

Again question is raised "why he keeps his problem to himself"**?

Because in masculine characters dictionary talking about a problem means showing your weakness. And in the men world "talking about the problem means an invitation for advice?"**

When he can't solve his problem then he "will find someone he respects and then talk about his problem"**. Then other man "fell honored by the opportunity"** and give some advises. "This is his way for showing love and trying to help"** each other in the men world.

"A men brain is organised to evolute and understand objects, their relationship to other objects, spatial relevance, how it all works and solution to problems. His brain is programmed for a 'how-do-I-fix-it?' response of life. Men use this 'fix-it' criterion in their approach to almost everything they do."# So this is the reason why John Gray says men are called Mr. Fix-it.

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