Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hearing difference between men and women

Hearing  power of women is better as compared to hearing power of men.

Science says that  for listening, men generally use their left brain. But for listening, women use both left and right brain. And also "the female brain has the ability to separate and categorise sound and make decision about each sound"*. But male brain can't do it.

So what is the benefit to know the hearing difference between male and female brain?

For listening women use both brain and "ability to separate, categorise and make decision about each sounds"*. Due this ability she can do multitasking. It may be "listening to one person in face-to-face communication while monitoring another person's conversation."* Or It may be she can answer the phone call, at the same time she watch TV, may be making dishes.

But for listening men generally use left brain and they can't separate, categorise and make decision about sounds. Male brain is programmed for single tasking. Due to this ability men can do only one things at a time. This is the reason, when he answered the phone call " he demand people stop talking, music is tuned down and the TV is switch off"*.

Science says that women "are excellent at distinguishing high pitched sound."**  From past she have been playing as a role as a child-bearer, so her "brain is programmed to hear a baby cry in the night."** In the night when a baby cry baby's mother wake up, but baby's father "may be oblivious to it and sleep on"**.

"If there is a kitten crying  in the distance a women will hear it"** but she difficult to talk which direction sound come from, but men can easily talk her, where the sound come from,

Why male brain is programmed for the direction of sound?

Because in the past, he played role as a hunter. For hunting, he needed superior spatial ability and directional skill.

Why women brain is programmed for multitasking?

Because in the past she played role as a child-bearer, nest-defender and home-improvement committee, so she needed a brain software for multitasking.

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